CSS Flex layouts in Unity3D

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2020 – UIToolkit for EditorWindows, Custom Inspectors, and Raw IMGUI

To recap … in Part 1, we learned:

  • You can create UIToolkit UI’s entirely in code, with no CSS files, no extra documents, everything in one place: easy to write, easy to maintain, simple and efficient
  • Everything in UIToolkit
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Guide: Switch layout-algorithms

Difficulty: BEGINNER

With each release of Flexbox4Unity, you get multiple free layout algorithms. Usually you want to use the latest one, but if the latest one has fixed a bug you were relying on, or if it introduces new bugs, … continue reading

Feature: flex-wrap [experimental]

Flexbox4Unity adds the entire CSS spec for Flex/Flexbox layouts to Unity3D – except for one thing: dynamic wrapping. But that’s about to change!… continue reading

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