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CSS Flex layouts in Unity3D

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Troubleshooting: Type or namespace name ‘EventSystems’

Sometimes, when you add Flexbox4Unity to an existing project, Unity will generate this error in your console:

error CS0234: The type or namespace name

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Guide: Automatically resize UIScrollview

Difficulty: BASIC

Unity3D’s built-in scrollview by default won’t resize to fit the UI you place inside it – which isn’t very useful. A lot of people end up writing a script to make this work, but we’ll cover easier ways … continue reading

Guide: Writing a Layout Algorithm

Difficulty: EXPERT

With each release of Flexbox4Unity, you get multiple free layout algorithms. Usually you want to use the latest one. For most people, this is all they’ll need.… continue reading

Feature: flex-wrap [experimental]

Flexbox4Unity adds the entire CSS spec for Flex/Flexbox layouts to Unity3D – except for one thing: dynamic wrapping. But that’s about to change!… continue reading

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