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Guide: FlexContainer

What is a FlexContainer?

CSS equivalent: “FlexContainer

CSS classifies all elements as a “FlexContainer”, a “FlexItem” or (in nested layouts): both. In CSS3, any element with “display: flex” is a ‘FlexContainer’.

In Unity we need a way … continue reading

Guide: FlexItem

What is a FlexItem?

CSS equivalent: “FlexItem

CSS classifies all elements as a “FlexContainer”, a “FlexItem” or (in nested layouts): both. In CSS3, any element whose parent has “display: flex” is a ‘FlexItem’.

In Unity we need a place … continue reading

Guide: RootFlexContainer (RFC)

What is a RootFlexContainer?

CSS equivalent: “HTML element / outermost containing-block.

CSS classifies all elements as a “FlexContainer“, a “FlexItem” or (in nested layouts): both. To create a new Flex layout you start with one … continue reading

Guide: Triggering Relayout in Flexbox4Unity

Difficulty: Standard

  • What is relayout?
  • Forcing relayout from a script
  • Layout in UnityUI vs UIToolkit vs Flexbox4Unity

What is Relayout, and why does it matter?

There are two visual parts to any UI framework: rendering (drawing the components) and layouting … continue reading

Guide: Building a UI with CSS Flexbox and Unity3D/UnityUI

I’ve been using Flexbox to layout Unity UI for almost 4 years now, ever since the first pre-alpha versions of Flexbox4Unity. Here’s my current (late 2021) guidelines.

Pre-requisite: understand the essence of Flexbox

Flexbox is the modern redesign of … continue reading

UIToolkit: pixel-perfect borders for adjacent DIVs/boxes

If you’re using Unity’s UIToolkit you’ll sooner-or-later run into this nasty bug: two boxes side-by-side but the border in-between is twice as thick as it should be. In the image below we wanted the boxes on the right (‘a-aaa’ and … continue reading

Guide: Upgrading from an old version

Difficulty: Beginner

New versions of Flexbox4Unity often require making some changes to your existing project. Usually these are done automatically for you, but some users want more control over the process, so I’ve now created a GUI for the upgrades … continue reading

Guide: Choosing your Flexbox LayoutAlgorithm

Difficulty: Standard

The layout algorithm controls all of the core CSS Flex behaviour.

In Flexbox4Unity you have to choose which layout-algorithm you want to use. By default, new installs use the newest, most-recent algorithm – but there are times when … continue reading

2021 UIToolkit – all Tutorials

For making in-game UI your best option is Unity’s own UnityUI paired with Flexbox4Unity, allowing you to use modern CSS3/Flexbox layouts within Unity’s UI system, with RectTransforms etc working seamlessly together (but without all the problems of ContentSizeFitter not … continue reading

2021 UIToolkit Tutorial – Buttons

This tutorial is for anyone writing editor UI’s – e.g. Custom Inspectors, EditorWindows, etc – using Unity’s new UIElements/UIToolkit. Make sure you’ve read the previous articles on core concepts and how to access the root container/VisualElement.

(NB: UIToolkit doesn’t … continue reading

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